Friday, January 21, 2011

A Bad Character

I say NO to dogs on the bed!
I came upstairs and look who was all cozy on my bed.
He opened one eye to see who caught him.Dane claims he didn't know he was on the bed, hmmmm
OFF bad dog.

Fin loves his dinner. After we dish up the pups food we always put a little extra on the lid of the dog food in the garage, a little dessert. We were having chicken for dinner and Fin refused to go outside with Stella to get his dessert. Instead he stared at the chicken, took a look at the dog food and went back to staring at the chicken which was on the counter. He took his chances that he would get a bite. Stella got all the dog food and Fin did get a bite.


{natalie} said...

Super cute bedding! And Finn is cute too.

Ashley said...

Seriously. That dog is bad. And likeable too.

new bedding?

*ethan* said...

how does he get his husky buns up there? my guess is dad is his accomplice