Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Quick Fun Trip

It has been COLD in Billings.
We needed to see something green
and leave the penguins behind.

We took the Grandparents with us and caught a flight to LA
Grandpa turns 86 on the 22nd of January
and thought it would be fun to celebrate by eating dinner outside
delicious Mexican food at "Casa Guadalajara" in Old Town San Diego
(I think it is so fun to say we ate outside in January)also took them to their favorite donut place "Peterson Donuts"
but nicknamed Escan donuts
the donuts are huge
when they arrived the employees shouted "Don and Nita"

visited the new Mormon Battalion visitors center
Very nice, first class and we got to pan for gold
I think I could spend 2 years here
and of course the beach, WE all love the beach.
walked on several piers
and we went and visited the Fernely's. They have been Don and Nita friends for 50 years. Bob was the Bishop when Dane was a bad deacon and had to be told to be quiet during Church. Bob and Ethel are 93 and look and feel great. Ethel doesn't hear real well and Bob can hardly see but it was fun to visit with them. Dane and I were at their house when they asked what our plans were and Dane announced that we were getting married, news to me. They were at our wedding 38 years ago. I love that Ethel doesn't have grey hair :) and she says that she has always liked me and thinks that we must of known each other in the preexistence.

It was a fun 3 days and a great winter break!!


{natalie} said...

san diego looks great. i know you love to eat outside and mexican food so it must have been wonderful.

schofields love donuts.

Ashley said...

I am so glAd that you were able to have a break! It looks like fun was had