Saturday, February 12, 2011

Disneyland Here We Come

Ashley and Rich woke their kids up with "we have a surprise for you." Crewe went to the living room to find cut out Mickey Mouse ears hanging from the ceiling saying "lets go to Disneyland."
While they were flying we were starting Day #3. Ethan and Dane jumped up and went golfing across from the hotel and played in 45 minutes. They played through several groups one being a Korean husband and wife. When Ethan teed up the wife said in broken English "nish shot" while the husband squeaked out "PGA."
says it very funny.
Ashley, Rich and the kids arrived at the same little funky airport. They too didn't know that we were coming so they were super excited to see us. Dayne has been asking to come to Montana and "promising that she would even sleep late if they took her to see Grandma." On top of all these surprises they were so tickled to see Kade and Addison. The kids were so cute and hugged and jumped aroundOff to Disneyland and the Grand Californian Hotel
which is right on the property.
It was so fun and perfect weather almost hot at times."Soaring Over California" was one of our favorite rides. Dayne was just tall enough so we all could go together. On our 5th time I heard "no photography"... whoops.We all loved the Buzz Light Year. I lost count of how many times we went on that one but enough that we shot the lights out and got Zurg. When E was little he always made baby Alex be Zurg. At the end of the day we were headed over to the new light water show and Addison and Kade gave out so back they went to the hotel. By the time the show started Dayne was fast asleep and the rest of us were pretty tired too. We had a pedometer and at one point we saw 9.5 miles and then it reset.

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{natalie} said...

I like seeing all your pictures. It was such a fun trip. Thanks a million