Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Back

Can you see the snow on her back?
Crazy dog it is cold out, come inside.We finally had all of our snow gone, the old dirty stuff from November was finally gone. The Canadians have invaded again,it started snowing yesterday and hasn't stopped. It is cold cold, only a high today of 1 degrees.
Enough already or I am going to have to take another winter break.

Dane thought he could squeeze in a Sunday afternoon nap before he had to head back over to the Church.
Finnley and Stella barked and barked and bugged him until he finally bundled up and took the bad characters out for a walk in the cold.
He is a good dog Dad.


Ashley said...

freaking cold!

Sally and Paul said...

Just think we could be Sunny Florida! We had snow yesterday and last night too.