Saturday, February 12, 2011

Knotts Berry Farm

Ethan and Natalie had to wake their kids up unbeknown to them they were going on a trip. Addison had been seeing lots of commercials for Disneyland and had been asking her parents if they could go. Kade one morning woke Ethan up and told them that he "needed to go to Montana to visit his family."
After they had them all dressed they asked them if they wanted to go to Disneyland. The kids thought they were kidding. They were so excited.

They flew into the Long Beach airport which looks like a 60s airport with the luggage pick up outside. Kade and Addison didn't know we were going so they were super excited to see us too.
First stop a visit Knotts Berry Farm.
We ate delish chicken dinner with their good jam on biscuits then hit the park.
Dane, Ethan and Nat rode a VERY scary fast roller coaster and I even tried the swings. I was mostly afraid that the good biscuits would come up. The kids rode little people rides.
more fun tomorrow

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Sally and Paul said...

So much fun! Aren't grandkids a good excuse to go to amusement parks???