Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Disnleyland and California Adventure

The kids were up early and ready to go again. We went swimming in one of the hotels 4 pools and had it all to ourselves. We made reservations for the little girls to have breakfast with the princesses. They both brought their Bell dresses and were so excited. Ashley and Natalie were pretty excited too. Addison stepped right up and had her picture taken with Ariel,
Dayne was a little nervous.After we ate a very fair breakfast the princesses started coming out one at a time. Snow White came first then Sleeping Beauty. They stopped at each table, the little girls were so happy. The princesses were so pretty and so nice.Cinderella got right down to the girls and chatted with them. It was so cute and when Bell was announced cheers went up, Dayne and Addison were thrilled and Ash and Nat both cried. Bell was the best and since they both had on Bell dresses she told them that she had been wondering where her other dresses had gone. When she left she told Dayne that she liked her glasses. It was so very fun!!!! It was great being with the kids. Kade and Crewe were so happy to be together and they rode all the rides together. I think their Moms wanted them to pay more attention to them but they were having too much fun together.Both Addison and Dayne say their favorite princess is Jasmine. While we visited Mini and Mickie Kade went on a roller coasterAshley loves "It's a Small World" we adults don't, the kids did.
I think it is the song, it goes on and on. Dane busted for napping on Ethan's shoulder during the ride. That evening we drove down to Carlsbad. Dane and I had the kids with us and stopped for burgers while Ethan, Natalie, Ashley and Rich stopped at one of our favorites "Houston's" for delicious prime rib sandwiches.
By the time they got to the hotel we had the kids in bed and sleeping.

It was another great day!

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