Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Morning Random Thoughts

our dirty left over snow from November
1. "Operation teapot" code word so little ones won't drive their parents nuts. -When it was really really cold Dane and I planned a week trip to southern California thinking that it had to be warmer than Billings and it would at the very least be green. The email went out to the kids and immediately Ethan responded with they had some free tickets and Ashley responded with they had money for Disneyland. Aaron emailed tears. So a surprise trip is planned for their kids for Disneyland. We leave this AM and they arrived Sunday and Monday. I am excited.
2. I finished my blog book 172 pages and 563 pictures. I think it will be wonderful but right now I am sick of it.
3. The pantry door got left open last night so the light was on. I was sure that the dogs would of had a hay day enjoying any and everything they could eat. Guess not, even said no to the oranges.
4. 3 days ago it was so cold the dog walk consisted of 30 feet to the mail box and back. This morning I had to take my mittens off as my hands were hot.
That's right hot hands.

5. My sister is going to New Zealand for my brothers wedding, I'm not.
6. Stella likes to roll in crap on the walks she is disgusting.
7. One of my bunco friends left her daughters 4H champion rabbit outside and it froze. I was being positive and gave her a "on the plus side...dinner" I take it back.
8. We think our dogs are smart sometimes. Stella wants to get in the dog car at the door that doesn't open each and every time, not so smart.
9. Dane and I don't have to be a Ma and Pa for the trek;) in June but we now are cooks. Still have to go and be pioneers. Maybe I will have to try the pony tail and I need to make the outfit, ick.

10. We have a leak somewhere and now a hole in the wall in one of the bedrooms. Our insurance company says it is builder e
rror and is giving us crap about paying. Do they not know that is why we pay our premiums and so the saga goes on.
11. I like to lap swim, Dane doesn't but does. He announced afterwords that his "arm holes" hurt. I think that is funny...arm holes.
12. Ethan used part of my "axes" in word scramble and got 45 points, don't know if I can catch up. It was nice of me to set him up.

13. Our frien
d won the Skyview basketball game with the score tied and at the buzzer his shot went in and the game was over. It was very exciting.
14. It is suppose to sn
ow here today and be 75 in LA

over and out

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