Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sea World with the Palmers

One of Ashley's favorites is Sea World
and she wanted to introduce her children to the wonders of Sea World. When she was young she used to say she was going to be a dolphin trainer and after watching their show I can see why. It was another beautiful warm day with hardly any crowds.
One of the seals is me
we all loved the Shamu show
the kids really liked the
"Shamu Shamu Shamu" cheer when he swam around
and splashed
everyone in the soak zoneBeluga whale is the white in the backa funny walrus seal show
thanks for the fun day at Sea World Palmer
That evening Crewe and Dayne took their parents back home to school and work.

It was a great vacation and so fun!
Dane and I took our walk on the Coronado beach and chatted about how great our life has been and how lucky we are.

Thanks darling for the great trip we all loved every minute

ps When we talked with Ash her kids were singing "yo ho a pirates life for me"
I guess they liked the Pirates of the Carribean,
good thing it isn't the Small World song ... boooo.

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{natalie} said...

looks like a great day. i am missing the CA warmth. sea world looks like a ton of fun.