Friday, February 11, 2011

The Warm California Sun

We are back from another fun trip to California.
We love going in the winter where we can see something green and flowers. We love the beach, especially Coronado Beach. If we can we always walk on that beach and reminisce and wonder why we didn't even check into moving back to San Diego when Dane graduated from law school. I guess if we did it wouldn't be our favorite winter break. While we were gone the office did just fine, dogs were good, it snowed and snowed, and it was way below zero.
A perfect week to be gone.

Dane and I flew into LA and picked up a rental car and went down to the Redondo Pier and saw where he used to surf. Enjoyed a lazy afternoon driving on the PCH and stopping at random little shops.
That evening we went to the 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica had dinner and then watched street performers and shopped around.
It was so much warmer than Montana.

The next morning while Ethan and Natalie and the kids were flying to CA we passed the time visiting the Long Beach Aquarium and saw all kinds of funky fish.

stayed tuned for the rest of the day it was a great surprise

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{natalie} said...

i miss the warmth already. thanks for such a fun trip. i just posted a bunch of pics on my blog. love you guys.