Thursday, February 3, 2011

You Can't Make Me

I saw a commercial on TV last night for a new show
and the girl was standing in the middle of her street with a megaphone shouting "come on neighbors it has been 7 weeks since Christmas take your freaking Christmas decorations down."

I say "NO"
It has been really really cold and dark here.
In Alaska they put white lights in their trees and leave them on all winter.
It looks like a winter fairy land.
I love the little white lights in my dining room
and I am pretending like I am in Alaska
since it feels like it.

ps all of my other lights are down and put away
Remember when we used to have a contest counting the number of Christmas wreaths still up in February?


Sally and Paul said...

I have candles in my front windows all year long. Whatever makes us happy!

{natalie} said...

i love Christmas lights too. i was tempted to leave the ones on the bookcases up but thought it made our downstairs look like a dorm room. yours look pretty and cozy.

Ashley said...


Also I love Cougertown. Ellie the shouter, is part me.