Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Flood of 11

Last Saturday evening we were enjoying the Cougar game. Little did we know that the sewing room carpet was taking a bath. For the last few weeks we could hear what sounded like water running but couldn't find errant water. We decided that it must have something to do with the furnace. Since we are going to be having our roof replaced due to the hail storm-tornado of last summer I was going to have my builder friends check into the mysterious water running sound. Come to find out the water line 8 feet under the driveway was
the source of the 50 + gallons of water in the sewing room.

We have had the water restoration people here all week with fans and dehumidifiers working on the carpet and walls $$$
The black like line at the base of the pipe and on the side is really a very large hole that the water was running out (mysterious water sound)We didn't get any pictures of the guy 8 feet in the hole and the huge pile of dirt but they put in a new pipe and have cleaned it all up. Now they are saying that the entire panel in the driveway needs to be replaced. $$$

Have we mentioned that the homeowners policy is worthless.

Things are mostly back to normal and the bills just keep rolling in.

What can we say other than CRAP

ps Our neighbors are wonderful! They hooked us up to their water by running a hose from their house to ours and it came with perfect pressure.


{natalie} said...

that is so stinky. i am glad you were able to get water from your neighbors. that makes it a bit nicer. hope they get it all fixed soon.

Sally and Paul said...

Yuck!!!! Sorry you had that kind of problems.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

That's awful! Hope everything is back to normal soon.