Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Computer and Utah

downside - my computer fan died on my 8 X 8 lime green Dell
and it couldn't be fixed

upside - I get to use a new word "terabite" which means that my new HP
can hold 177,000 pictures
we were going nuts without our home computer
dane has a laptop and I have my beloved IPAD
so we been able to get our fix
anyway the best part is we are up and running again
(the fun part of the trip- Island park had drifts 15 feet high)
Last weekend we made a quick trip to Utah for Drew grandson # 3 baptism
when we left Billings we weren't sure if he would be well enough to be baptized as he was recovering from 104 fever, pneumonia and daily trips to the dr
We celebrated his 8th birthday and he got to get baptizedhandsome boys the Ethan'sa darling family
Skiing was planned but due to the sickness it didn't happen
Ashley flew in for the occasion
We got to go to Alex last basketball game Aaron flew his new airplanes that has all kinds of cool lights in the dark
we girls got to do some shoppingthe kids got to spend Sunday together
we jumped in our car and drove back through winter, home
it was a fun quick trip


Anonymous said...

You rock as a grandma!!

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

So glad you could come! We had so much fun! I agree, you rock as a grandma! Anonymous rocks as a grandpa aka Tiger!

{natalie} said...

I love all your pics! Thanks for coming, it was so
We love you guys