Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Wreath

Spring is suppose to be here but it keeps snowing every few days.
So I am going with this wreath to at least make the house be spring.
You will need 10+ 4 yards spools of ribbon. If you have seen my sewing room you know that wasn't a problem. However Hobby Lobby has their ribbon half off so I got just the colors I wanted and then added some of my own. Oh yes and you need a wreath, I bought a straw 14 in wreath and left the plastic wrap on.cut your ribbon into 16 inches, then 8 then 4
I did a little at a time in case I didn't use all on the spool with tacky glue, glue 4 inch loops together
since the wreath is round hot glue in a semi circle
make lots and lotsI tied ribbon for a hanger on first then hot glued the bunches on
this is how close they are but I didn't want to see any of the wreath
you could glue them on further apart and in 2's but it is very time consuming
and done
cute huh?


Anonymous said...

She is really pleased with this project. Jody wants to sneak over to the neighbors house and replace their Christmas wreath with this spring wreath. Yes a Christmas wreath still up!

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

I love it! The wreath is absolutely darling!!! Just looking at it makes me happy.