Friday, March 18, 2011

We are Jimmer Fans

Oh those Cougars!
Dane was a very happy Cougar that they beat Wofford 74-66. He had a hard time watching the first half but has watched the second half several times. I didn't know that one could enjoy watching the same basketball game 4+ times. But he did with the BYU-New Mexico game where the Jimmer got 52 points.
I love that that all kinds of people are Jimmer-Cougar fans.
He is good, no he is really good and fun to watch.
Next - big game tomorrow the Mormons vs the Catholics

am I really doing a post about sports?


Anonymous said...

she's a cougar!!

Ashley said...

cute straws!!!I would be a fan if I got to throw a party.

{natalie} said...

how fun to have some friends over for a party. i love the straws and jimmer cut out. we will see how it goes this week...