Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Made it Though the Winter

I am so over winter so I thought I would have some friends over for lunch to celebrate Spring! As soon as I sent out the evite it snowed but I did see that some of my tulips are starting to come up. I bought these cute paper flowers in Utah and made a garland.In Montana it is not against the law to grow grass if you have a medical marijuana card. I don't have the card but I did grow some grass, wheat grass just to look cute for the table. My friend suggested putting it in a smoothy...yuk.
I bought 10 bunches of daffodils but they didn't do anything, so then I bought yellow and white daisy's and tulips bunches and this cute tablecloth and plates. Lots of spring colors.Really good fruit salad. The key is to mix lemon juice and powered sugar together and it makes it a little sweet and the apples don't turn brown.This good spinach pasta chicken salad
and made from scratch red velvet cupcakes in these cute holders. Since I gave up sugar for lent I didn't try them but my tester has loved them. Basically I think they are chocolate cupcakes with lots of red food coloring. I also understand the frosting was good: powered sugar, sour cream, butter, vanilla and an EGG.

Lunch was very fun and everyone shared how they made it through the winter. A couple shared books they read, baking, sewing, sudoku and craft projects.


*ethan* said...

I love the decorations! It looks great. I want to have a party too. I didn't realize you ought the flowersvfor garland, it is very cool.

*ethan* said...

Whoops that was me, nat.

ethan said...

i like the spinach pasta salad, but with no spinach!

Joan said...

Since when do you give up things for Lent? Good determination though. Your table setting is darling and the food looks great. If I still lived there would I have been invited? Miss you!

Sally and Paul said...

Wow, you can sure throw a great party! Is that where Natalie got it from?