Monday, April 11, 2011

Mexico 2011

Nothing like a trip to Mexico to get you ready for spring.
Our annual trip was very fun and so great to be together.
Aunt Dawn was in Billings after being the transporter of Don and Nita from Mexico to Billings. She and I flew from Billings and then the next day Ashley and the kids flew into Phoenix and then we were off to Rocky Point.After the 4 hour drive the first stop was the "layers" as Dayne called them. A perfect place for Dayne and the ipad. Of course the beach is always a hit for playing and swimming. The water was very warm
or sometimes known as the pee path.
"Rhinosaucerous" rides
"bird baths"
where the bird is getting almost to big

and that is the first couple of days

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{natalie} said...

i love that little hammock, looks like dayne found the perfect spot.