Monday, April 11, 2011

Tiger and Rich arrived

So happy to see each othera little Reading and relaxingCP has a Magic Tree House book on the ipad
Lexi dog would perch on his lap just about every time he would sit down
walks on the flats while the tide is outHappy Birthday Richard!
We have spent the last several birthdays doing the Mexico thing
Our last day the wind blew like crazy and even a little rain.
A very popular activity is counting stray dogs. Tiger pays $1 for each dog. There isn't any two a like and for some reason they like to lay right in the middle of the dirt-sand road. So we went for a dog sighting ride. While on the ride in a mile stretch by the rail road tracks we counted 54 dogs!Through the Mexican desert which some of us would of said
we were lost as we were off road but
Tiger new of this nice place for lunchthe driver and assistantanother fun time in Mexico!!!!
We love the sun, the beach, shrimp, guacamole, and the company
thanks Aunt Dawn and Uncle Wimp for having us again!


ashley said...

So cute! We had a great time!!!Thanks

Anonymous said...

ahh Mexican dogs. they are soo pretty!!