Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3rd Annual Beat the Bishop Memorial Day Run

Montana is beautiful this time of the year, everything is green.
One would think that we live in Seattle but we don't.
It can't seem to quit raining.

The Beat the Bishop race was held in the rain with 44 degrees and still 40 people came. A few more came after the race started and they still went out and ran.Silly missionary taunting the BishopThe little kids just love that they beat the Bishop, they are so cute.
Dane makes sure that they all beat him. We had a professional clock with rain drops.
This was somebody's finish time.

It was pretty fun for me. I was in charge of taking a few pictures and then driving the course and making sure we didn't have anyone get lost. Last year we had an idiot get lost therefor freaking out mother, lots of phone calls, police and then we found him just walking along.

The best part is all those that beat the Bishop he will buy them lunch. The Bishop waits for all to cross the finish line so they can have lunch.
This year
Godfathers Pizza, pretty tasty and they gave us a good deal.
Fun was had by all.


{natalie} said...

What a fun tradition for your ward. I bet the kids will remember it being fun (except when it's raining!)

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Alex sure wishes he could have raced this year!