Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy Fathers Day Darlin!I love you for lots for reasons but today because
You are a great Father!
You are the best Tiger!
You love Me

You love the Cougars
You love Basketball
You love Coins
You love your Porsche

You love the Pups
You love being the Bishop
Happy Fathers Day Grandpa
the straw artist

his latest medium and
Happy Fathers Day
to these great Fathers
aren't they cute?
Aaron, Ethan and Rich
thanks for the grandkids!!!!


Anonymous said...

you are the most thoughtful and amazing wife. I will enjoy today.

Ashley said...

Happy Father's Day to GREAT men!!! Seriously.

PS What's up with the side pic of Ethan?

Ethan said...


Ps ash I think I look good

jody said...

I should of put Aaron, George Clooney and Rich. Cute pictures huh?

The picture of ET is from Salzburg when the guy was cutting his silhouette and he kept says that he looked like George Clooney.

Aaron looks like he has a pioneer shirt on...the puffy shirt.

So Rich I only have pictures of you with sunglasses on, buy any chance are you in the witness protection plan?

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