Saturday, June 11, 2011

Porsche Rally

We decided to join the Porsche club
first event of the summer was the Porsche Rally
way to the left Midnight blue 2001 Boxter with grey interior guy from WY, yellow Boxter, 92 Red 911,white 944, identical red 911, 03 Turbo Black Carrera, silver 911 Carerra , our Boxter, different color blue older Boxter with black interiorThe youngest member was 4 month old Annabelle
who had on a Porsche pit crew baby suit.
She w
as darling and as you can see they just got their 911 Turbo from Livermore.
We started out from from Billings with beautiful weather. And then these clouds started chasing us then over and around the back way to Bridger
on to the chief Joseph highway in WY to Sun Light Basin
The plan was to keep going and go over the Beartooth pass and drop down the switch backs into Red Lodge. Lots of open spaces and curves to put the cars through their paces.
Dane loved it and the people were all so nice.
We ran into a storm at Sun Light Basin, it poured with a little hail and you know Porsche owners they don't like bad weather on their cars so we back tracked back to Red Lodge and then home. It was very fun.


Ashley said...

Looks like fun. Rich will be happy to see...

Ethan said...

Looks super fun!!!

{natalie} said...

I love all the porsches lined up. Very cool.

Richard Palmer said...

Very, very cool! Hopefully next time the weather will be better.