Wednesday, June 22, 2011

These Are Not MyTrek Shoes

We are off to be pioneers and trek around Martins Cove.
I have been
obsessing about this trek for a year now. On the plus side we don't have to be Ma's and Pa's, we are the cooks. We won't be pulling a hand cart or marching around in the hot sun/pouring rain but we do have to camp and wear the dorky bonnet, skirt and puffy shirt and not shower etc. Dane is refusing to wear the puffy shirt and is going to wear his denim shirt with PORSCHE on the pocket. How is that for a pioneer outfit? We are going with a POSITIVE attitude, diet Dr. Pepper AND it will be FUN. How is that for a mantra?Sweet Ashley treated me to a pedicure for the trek so I could remember that I do live in this century.
Thank you darling!
You are the best and you think of just everything.

Let me tell you about my cute flip flops. When I was in Mexico with our friend Vicki she had a pair of grey flip flops like these and she sang their praises. She got them at a boutique in Mesa after seeing them in Nordstrom for many $$$. So when we got back to Mesa we went over and around and around and to the special selling boutique. I'm not sure how much they were at Nordstrom but by the time I picked out the crystal embellishment I wanted and waited 3 weeks they were $58.00!!!! Dang and they are just rubber flip flops but they are cute;)

So happy trekking to us. We will return and report.


Anonymous said...

458 for rubber flip flops? Are you kidding me? Time for tough love.

{natalie} said...

the pedicure looks great and ash does think of everything.

have a good time!!