Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 2
up early with a donut run to Day light donuts
then to the air field I love to watch the little planes.
The "Warthog" is really fast and it was hard to get its picture.

Grocery shopping at the nicest and cleanest Walmart I have ever be in.
Dane, Aaron, E and Alex went to the 10 AM movie Cowboys & Aliens
I guess that is who goes to the movies at 10 AM.
We put a put a dent in Gymboree and Nordstrom shoes,
then lunch and we girls took all the kids swimming. I wish I got some pictures swimming as I think they are all turning into fish. Even Addison jumped off the diving board and swam like a mermaid to the side.

Dane, Aaron and Ethan went golfing at beautiful Hobble Creek.
It was a hard decision for me to either golf or swim.
To make a perfect day complete we went to the production of The Sound of Music- EXCELLENT and so beautiful up in the mountains.
(thanks for the pictures Natalie)
We ended up having to sit on the grass but it was delightful out. We even got to sing along with some of the songs. It was very fun.

Day 3
More airplane flying
, this time at the sod farmAaron is so happy and he is teaching Drew to fly too.
Provo bakery- soooo good, Provo farmers market, BYU bookstore, bought 2 Jimmer shirts for 2 little girls in the ward that are huge fans, they were so excited.
Slab Pizza for lunch, Kade and Alex got haircuts next door while we waited for lunch- very convenient
Ethan needed a new suit so Dane and I went with him. Dane told the salesman that he was going on a mission :) then that he was getting married :)
We just discovered GEO Caching and it was very fun. The kids really enjoyed the treasure hunt. The one we liked best was a locked box which you had to solve a series of clues to get the combination for the box. I want to do more.
Dane and the boys went golfing at the Cedar Hills course while we girls checked out the fabric store and then the Natalies had their nails done.
E is the best babysitter and the kids were happy to stay with him. McD's for the kids and we went to a cute little place close by.
Played the fun game Ticket to Ride while the kids watched a movie.
That's it- a great time and so fun to see those darling grandkids.
thanks for having us!
time to rest


{natalie} said...

thanks for coming, it was so fun. i loved the sound of music in the mountains.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

We had such a wonderful time! Thanks so much for coming!!