Wednesday, July 27, 2011


You might be thinking????

A: Pile'O shoes
B: How do you get in your closet?
C: Clean up that mess
D: Cute flip flops
E: Stella heard thunder

If you thought "E: Stella heard thunder" You are right.
Stella girl can hear thunder from miles away
when she does she likes to hide in our closet.
But first she must move all the shoes,
then hide under either Danes pants or my tops.
Last night I woke to not thunder but her digging in my closet.
Dang dog I mean poor dog,
she is scared
but can't she be scared some where else?

(last nights thunder brought her under my side of the closet
she even got slippers from way in the back)

1 comment:

Eric said...

STELLA!!! with a loud sad voice, that is what i was thinking... i did have to chuckel over hearing thats what she does