Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Warm CA Sun Part 3

Each day we headed to the pool by 10 am for swim team practice
then lunch
then back to pool for swim lessons.
Crewe is in a stroke perfection class.
He thinks his teacher is bossy since she stops and corrects his stroke often. :)
We went to see the new cars movie, we all liked it,
hit Target twice,
In & Out, which I love,
the Mall, didn't even buy new shoes,
Cheese Cake Factory,
Farmers Market
we bought wonderful plums and peaches,
Barnes and Noble for new books- which the boy has read like 10 books
already this summer, he is his mothers son.
He is reading My Weird School Days
a bike ride which Dayne loved and Cp didn't
and swam some more.

It was a great time,
thanks for having me
love you tons


{natalie} said...

1. dayne can come ride bikes with us anytime
2. i love days at the pool. wish i had more of them
3. i like the farmers market photo
4. so glad you had a fun week

Anonymous said...

They are water dawgs!! They get that from Rich aka the Otter and from jody aka fishwoman.