Monday, July 11, 2011

Warm CA Sun

"Hey Tiger, I'm kissing your woman!"When Ethan was a little boy he used to play this "kiss your woman" with Dane. He would kiss me and Dane would act like he was going to get him. Now CP plays and I love it.
first stop
Gilroy Gardens
which is an amusement park for families with tons of trees in a beautiful setting.
Mostly little kids rides, drive cars, merry go roundsFerris wheel and these fun swings which Ash and I didhot air balloon ride, fish swimming and then these cool 50s and model T cars, Since Gilroy is the garlic capitol of the world, which it did not smell
a garlic ride and an artichoke ride
It was beautiful, no crowds, good price lots to see and do
we all gave it a thumbs up


{natalie} said...

i love those swings. they are my favorite after big mother f rides like at knotts berry farms. glad you went on them again.

very cute pic of crewe kissing you.

Anonymous said...

If he kisses you again, I will put out a contract on him!!