Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend fun in Utah

With Addison's invitation to the Sundance production of The Sound of Music we jumped on the plane and arrived in SLC and started having fun.
Day 1
lunch at ZTejas- oh the delicious chili rellenos

Church History museum
the original manuscript of the Book of Mormon the kids really enjoyed the children's interactive area
Back to the airport to pick up Alex from visiting his TX cousinsthen to his basketball game see # 34
and then dinner 5 Guys - great burgers
Nite bike riding with Kade and Addison,
grocery shopping at 9:30 at night with, we stopped counting at 45 kids-
why aren't they in bed?


{natalie} said...

i liked the night time bike riding and that add could should you her skills. we loved swimming too.

ethan said...

it was fun having you guys here!