Sunday, August 7, 2011


I read lots of blogs. Some are family and friends, some are about DIY, sewing, church, cooking, strangers that I don't know but have interesting things to say, some are a waste of time and some are really good. I am envious of those that can really write interesting things and those that seem to do everything the way I wished I could. But my blog is a replacement for a journal, a photo journal, a travel journal and some thoughts. My blog is for me that at the end of the year I publish into a beautiful hard cover book and some day somebody might look at .

CA Visitors

Crewe, Dayne and Ashley are here for their summer visit
It is so fun to have them.Happy grandparents Dane loves to have car wash helpers We all love hammock time
Finnley LOVES all the dog pets As always Mt provides a good summer storm even with tornado sirens, false alarm- just a little hail
"Tiger help me ride this bike"
dog swimming in the Yellowstone
We have gone swimming, out to eat, have had 2 baby sitters, the Smurf movie while Dane and Ash went to the Harry Pottery movie, shopped, CP glued to Wizard 101- thank you "the brothers", crafts, reading, games, Ash has worked, nails and hair cuts. Next week, more work for Ash, more going out to eat, tennis lessons for CP, movie, sewing and more swimming.

I love having company!!


{natalie} said...

i love looking through your books when you have them printed.

it looks like a very fun time in MT.

Ashley said...

We are having a great time!!

Anonymous said...

crewe told me I looked "a little" pregnant. So sad.