Thursday, August 18, 2011

More MT fun

Crewe took tennis lesson from my friend Kims son, Aaron. After the end of first lesson he told us that he wasn't sure he was going to like tennis, but he loved it. Aaron was such a good teacher, so positive and encouraging. He had fun games and ideas. We were very impressed and it was fun to see how much Crewe improved in just a week. Dane came several times and played so Cps favorite game was "beat Tiger"
Had fun time at Geyser Park on the little cars. Tiger and Dayne came into the pit stop at mach 8 and just in time Dane found the brake, a little scarey.
Aaron's sister Mandy was Dayne's tennis teacher.
Dayne mostly chased balls
but once she got Rich to play jump rope tennis was only a thought.
Nothing like the Montana Fair.
Dane, Rich and the kids went for lunch and 2 hours of fun.
Rich was mostly impressed that the parking was free.
We did a little geocaching
some successful and some of the caches still hiding from us.

We found one close to the house
that was a tiny magnetic key box stuck between the street sign
and another camouflage 35 mm film case in a tree
but we couldn't find a big one.

We have loved having the Palmers
We need more company!


Anonymous said...

the boy has a wicked forehand

Joan said...

You would have had more company, but you already had some. We were there the same week and stayed at the Stott's.