Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We are farmers

For Mother's Day Dane bought me a lime tree. I moved the tree outside during the day and inside when the wind would blow
and it slept inside until it was at least 55 at night.
While inside I would turn the pot around
at least once a day so all sides could have perfect light. It came with one little lime about the size of a nickel. We have 2 growing now.
It seems to love the hot weather, good thing because today it was 100.
I have babied it, transferred it to a cool pot and feed it lots of miracle grow.So today we harvested our first lime.
It took 3 months to get this size.It is very fragrant and mighty tastie.
Wonderful in the
diet Pepsi.
So it looks like we should have a couple more in October


Amy said...

I have the recipe for Tucanos/Rodizio Grill's Brazilian lime-aid if you want it! It only takes 4 limes, perfect for your bountiful little tree!

ethan said...

oooooohhhh $100 a lime, great value

Joan said...

I love harvest time. Yummy.

Ashley said...

Kind of a lot of work for a lime. I hear Safeway also SELLS them..... Congrats on the fruit of your labor

{natalie} said...

yum, glad you finally got to use one. our lemons are not turning yellow :(

Anonymous said...

FYI Ash, We don't have a Safeway in Billings, so what good does that do us?