Monday, September 12, 2011

Billings Random Photos

One of my favorite streets over by Pioneer Park. Barry Bonds cat in front of the Yellowstone Art Museum.
Ferdinand the horse is still inside.
The lime tree will be getting more limes.
It is busy growing 2 now.
My beautiful nemesis are back
Goose/geese family by the Yellowstone
If a place is empty for very long it gets the dozing.
Guess what, this isn't going to be a casino, or a bank and it already was a car lot... drum roll another Brewer Dentist Office
off Main by Albertsons where the Perfect Cup was
the swimming pool off Aronson at the end of Bazaar Exchange
if the neighbors will quit complaining
my bike riding partner on the trail down by the Yellowstone
Geocache that we found.
We bought a real nice GPS that makes it so much fun
can you say Christmas present?
Dane had his car detailed and look how nice the wheels look
While Dane was gone this past weekend this was one of my late night projects
the end

ps I am still waiting for bike fenders and the cool decals


{natalie} said...

i like your photos around town. billings is a nice place to live and i love all the bike trails. we really need to make a roadtrip.

your wreath is very cute.

Anonymous said...

my fav is the Barry Bonds Cat!!