Thursday, September 1, 2011


I have been eying a Cruiser all summer long. After riding Ashley's Cuiser in CA, then Natalie's in Ut and
checking out the Dr.'s 3 speed Cruiser
I new that I needed one.
They are so comfortable to ride,
fat butted seat, light weight,
handle bars that you don't have to be hunched over
and they come in cool colors.
Since we have lots of hills around here
I went with the 3 speed, Electra Townie.
Came with free service and a tune for a year too.
Up the hill was easy with the Fat Frank tires.

The summer heat went away about 3:00 yesterday with a huge rain storm
and left us with 60 degree fall weather.
Still perfect for bike riding.

I think the orange is cool.
Next a wicker basket and a cool bell.
I think she needs a name.
Dane and the dogs even love my bike!


{natalie} said...

super cool. i love it. and yes to the fenders.

Ashley said...

I saw the perfect bell. Just hold on to OCtober to get it or let's order it. Very cool bike!

Anonymous said...

how about calling the bike " Tte Snook" after that orange umpalumpa?

Joan said...

I am thinking of getting one too. All my friends here ride them. I want red or Martha Stewart green but with fenders. Very cool.