Friday, September 9, 2011

While Buck is Gone

Not really I just think this sign is funny.

Dane is gone for the weekend.
He and the boys have gone to the BYU Texas game. I hope they win.
This year Rich couldn't make it and Uncle Stew came from Michigan.
Only a handful of times have I been home by myself for the entire weekend.

Ashley thought I was sending up code pink when I was home for lunch.
Actually I didn't even have lunch. Ha
After dropping Dane off at the airport I went to the gym then came home and mowed the lawns. So I actually didn't even get cleaned up until 11:30 which is usually the time I leave the house and go meet Dane. Stopped for a diet DP, a quick stop at the office to make copies for my Primary class, Ganains for 2 more dinner plates, glass store, 4 Winds Quilting, Church Book Store, and then Alberstons. Finally home by 4:30 which is past the time I usually turn into a pumpkin. For years I needed to be home by 3:00 to meet the kids from school and I am almost always home still at 3.

While Dane was having excellent Tex Mex for dinner I was having peach ice cream of which he would never eat. Then for dinner I had a delicious broccoli salad, tomatoes and corn on the cob, not a Dane dinner.

Went for a fun bike ride on the running trail and now I'm watching a crumby chick flick and I plan on staying up late.

Hopefully the pups will let ME sleep a little later in the AM.

I think I will be fine while Dane is off having fun.
Thanks girls for checking on me.

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Sally and Paul said...

I always like a little "free time" too.
Glad you put it to good use!!!