Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Buck

Dane got a cruiser for his birthday. It has been so fun to have a bike partner. We have been biking on the trail down by the river. Now that he has a pedometer we can see just how far we ride. (thanks Ethan and Nat) I tell you these bikes are the best, so comfortable and so easy to ride. I love my bike.

The delicious Birthday cakes.
Red velvet bunt and all kinds of good little ones.
Kade got cut out of the picture by Tiger...sorry
It was so fun to be in California celebrating Danes birthday.
Ashley hosted a very fun day.
Ethan, Natalie, Kade and Addison got to come to Livermore too.
The kids were so excited that it was Tigers birthday.
Dane and Ethan started off the day golfing in the vineyard at "Wente"
We all played a very fun miniature golf course
with the cute kids chanting "Tiger Tiger" and 'birthday boy birthday boy".
Then laser tag.
It was fun running around with laser guns, vests
and with Dayne shooting you and then saying "it's me Dayne"

"those kids that you saw they weren't really was us" dayne

Happy Happy Birthday Darlin
we all love you


Anonymous said...

I had a fantastic birthday. Very festive.

AShley said...

Happy Birthday Pop!

ethan said...

happy b day dude, happy we were there to celebrate with you!!