Saturday, October 29, 2011

Test Run

Dane had business in Helena and with beautiful fall colors we made a speed run to Helena,
and I do mean a speed run.
I was enjoying the nice ride in the extra comfortable new car and then Dane put the pedal to the medal "just to see how it handles." It "handled" flying down the road. (143) We made it to Helena is 3 hours instead of the usual 4.
We took the back roads by famous places like Two Dot and Martinsdale. We visited the Montana museum and found Danes mantrafractional currency
the numismatist loved seeing this
Can you guess what this is?
It makes pleats for bonnets and collars
I want one for my next bonnet
This Charles Russel is called "Keeoma"
but we like to call it
"client waiting for a call from her attorney"
or something like that
we used to have this picture in the office

We had a nice time in Helena and
took the freeway home in the right amount of time.


Anonymous said...

I was at 143 and moving up, when Jody screamed and I had to bring her back down.I was hoping for 170.!!

ashley said...

Sounds fun!

{natalie} said...

yowzers. 143.

looks like a fun little trip. glad you had great weather.