Monday, November 14, 2011

Before-After- After After:(

Saturday I worked for several hours and pretty much got all the leaves picked up. I used the blower and got them out of every little corner. I mulched up several piles of leaves. I rode the lawn mower up and down the back yard forever.

I raked and mowed the front yard.

Oh I was tired but a happy Fuji.

Then the wind started to blow and blow.

They all came back 10 fold.
Those suckers are everywhere.

It is depressing.

Leaf carpet.

Time to do it all again. grrrrI pulled a Tom Sawyer
thanks Darlin for the help:)
also got him to get the leaves out of the gutters and hang the Christmas lights

After many more hours I think we might just have them licked.


Kathy said...

Poor Fuji! The leaves love your yard because they know you'll take good care of them!

Ashley said...

why? the wind will bring more leaves today.... I mean good job mom