Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Dad We Want To See Your New Car"

The boys called wanting the Dad and wanting to see his new car.
So with a promise of a BYU basketball game and a football game
we were off.
The 911 is a junior snow cat.
As always snow packed roads in Island Park.
But only for about 30 miles so it was ok to slow down.
But basically the little car did a great job.
"The Ethans" Aren't they cute?
E got his braces off about a month ago and now he really is a heart breaker.
He even let Tiger take him to jr high in the Boxter with his bomber hat on!
Cute BYU basketball fansgot to love the Cougar tails!!
The Cougars were winners this weekend so we had happy fans.
Found these designer donuts. Cost lots of dough :)))
Lots of good eats, fun times, the new Twilight movie for me, Cougar football in the cold for the boys, a little shopping, an Alex basketball game
and just loving being together.

thanks for the fun weekend!
Time to go home and the roads were good.

ps Ethan and Natalie and the kids sure were cute
having the 911 be a family car


{natalie} said...

We had a great time. Thanks for visiting. I'm so glad you had easy roads back home. Can't wait to see you all in Dec.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Thanks for coming! It sure was a fun weekend!!