Friday, November 4, 2011

My best friend Kippi Clark has been visiting this week from Colorado. They moved to Billings many years ago from Colorado. After I think 18 years in Billings, Colorado and a job called them back, so sad. They have been gone from Billings now 10 years. It has been so fun having her here. Just like old times. We can chat and watch TV even though Dane doesn't think we can. We have shopped, ate out, visited, and played. It is the best having a built in exercise partner too.
And she is my personal Mary Kay consultant.
She is going to keep me looking young.

We went out to Acton to visit our friend Julie Brown for lunch.
l to r; Kim Lyon, Julie Brown, Kippi Clark, Jeannie Griffin and me
It only took us 30 minutes but it is way out in the middle of know where.
A beautiful huge house with a gorgeous view.

I think Kippi and Lenny should move back.

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Joan said...

Wish I could have joined you. It would have been fun to see everyone again.