Monday, November 7, 2011

Our First Snow of the Winter

Saturday after I finished mowing my lawn and just in time,
it started snowing.
I started raking leaves when it was still dark and had to wear a miners lamp

I know, crazy.

It is so beautiful.
The weatherman predicted 1 inch and it snowed all day and we got 5 inches.
It is now gone off the streets but at 32 degrees we still have lots in our yards.
Along with tons of leaves.

The crazy trees are trying desperately to hang on to their leaves.
Don't they know I am slightly obsessive about getting them all raked up.

The beautiful snow has brought me to the Christmas spirit.
I can hardly wait.
All the kids are coming and bringing the grandbabies to us.
The Cheesesteak sent me two Christmas albums.
One is Mindy Gledhill "Winter Moon"
and I love it.
(Don't tell Dane but I have been listening to them both in my car.)

To top it all off I went to Gainans today and everything is Christmas.
It makes my heart beat fast.
I think they have fairy dust in the air.
Everything was beautiful and I wanted it all,
even though I have a tons of Christmas.

So now I am off to shop.


{natalie} said...

hey, thanks for the shout out. guess what i am playing the she and him in the kitchen and my kids keep asking why i'm playing christmas music already. haha. so glad you are enjoying the music.

we barely got any snow. it's just cold and i have a cold. boo.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean, don't tell Dane? You don't think I am your biggest fan?

Kathy said...

That snow fell an hour or two after Stu and I left. We had a nasty bit of snow from Bozeman to Rigby.