Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Ethan

(fair warning this is a long post) "You say it's your BirthdayIt's my birthday too--yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a goodtime
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy Birthday to you"
the Beatles
Happy Birthday Beef we love you tons!

Wow I am feeling 60 today! Here are 60 things about me
1. Today is my Birthday 2. I am married to my soul mate
3. I LOVE Christmas4. My best Birthday present ever was Ethan5. My best friend ever is this guy
6. Pumpkin pie is my favorite
7. I wish I was still able to run

8. White chocolate is better than dark chocolate
9. Judy Hoblit Hundrup is my oldest best friend
10. I love to travel 11. I am CRAZY about these kids
12. Some call me Fuji

13. I like to take pictures
14. I love and really like my kids
15. I love my ipad
16. I have 3 pairs of vans

17. I was born in West Virginia and I have never been back

18. I graduated from Anchorage West High in 1970
19. I loved going to South Africa
20. I like to ski21. Ashley is my favorite girl
22. I love to swim

23. I am a little bit unfinished projects
24. I am a freak about my floors
25. I love my new bike
26. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother27. I love my crazy dogs
28. I really like jewelry
29. My favorite golfing partner 30. I miss my Mother
31. I'm not a very good typist32. Kippi Clark is my next longest BFF
33. My grandkids make my heart happy
34. El B is my favorite place to eat
35. I'm glad we live in Montana where we have 4 beautiful seasons
36. I think the video of Justin Timberlake "All the Single Ladies" is funny

37. Dane makes me laugh every day38. I like that Aaron still want to share his latest interests with me in detail
39. I really like the kids my kids married
40. I like that we go to San Diego almost every year
41. I love hooker shoes
42. I just can't eat a "Cinnabon" to high in the good bad stuff

43. I don't want to move I could never leave my sewing room, I LOVE it.
44. Someday I want a golden-doodle45. My favorite animal is a giraffe
46. I am a

47. I like to Quilt

48. I really like Porsches49. I could go to Hawaii every year
50. NO Camping for me
51. I like to read

52. I love the Book of Mormon and try to read everyday

53. My favorite dessert is ice cream
54. I want to leave Christmas lights up all year
55. I wish I didn't have to sleep, never enough hours in the day

56. I love the sun
57. I like clouds
58. It makes me happy to think about how happy the little girls were with Bell
59. I have hiked on the Great Wall of China60.I am the happiest person ever- I love my life.

1. the jody gets her nails done once a week. 
2. makes a delicious pistachio cake. She thinks the cake is a summer cake. 
3. Has 3 kids.
4. In the fourth grade she lived in California for a year. 
5. Jody has been on 5 cruises.
6. She has traveled all over. Including, Germany, Africa, China, France, to name a few. 
7. My mom loves little kids. Teaching in the Primary is her favorite church job. 
8. Has 8 grandkids.
9. Jody is an amazing at organizing and completing any project. 
10. She loves Dr. Pepper 10. Seriously. 
11.Jody has been to Paris 11 times.
12. On November 12th, she already has a pile of wrapped Christmas gifts.
13. My mom can touch her nose with her tongue.
14. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is coconut. 
15. The jody loves Holiday movies. 
16. When she was 16 she flew to Germany to see her boyfriend. 
17. She does NOT know how to say the word Atlanta (or Nintendo)
18. Was baptized at the age of 18.
19. Jody doesn't really like pizza. 
20. Jody also doesn't like ceasar salad. 
21. Was 21 when she got married. 
22.  Became a Mom at age 22
23  Has been a temple worker every Wednesday for many years
24. In Mexico, the jody orders shrimp soup. Then she eats all the shrimp out of it and none of the soup. 
25. Vacuums daily
26.  Her birthday is the 26th of December
27. Jody will not eat cheesecake. 
28. On her 28th birthday she had a baby boy!
29 My mom loves to use the phrase, "Hooker Shoes".
30   Jody loves to talk about the weather. 
31.Jody loves Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors.
32.  Her youngest son is 32 TODAY!
33.My mom loves freckles
34. She has lived in Billings 34 years.
35. She loves the book, "The Red Tent".
36. Pumpkin pie for breakfast is totally ok in the book of jody. 
37. Mom thinks a perfect dinner consists of rice and beans with warm tortillas. 
38. She calls corvettes, "Greeser Cars"
39. Her house is a magical place to spend Christmas
40. Jody hates the color Pink. In fact, if she is ever in an emergency situation that is our code word for help. "I am wearing a pink shirt." If she ever says this, call the cops. 
41. Mom loves to shop in Wal*Mart but only in the south. 
42  Jody plays Bunco the first Tuesday of every month
43. Jody quit wearing a watch over 15 years ago. When she returned from Hawaii she decided that she wanted to remember the lack of time from the island.
44. When Mom sets her mind to something, she gets it DONE!
45. She just told me that it was 45 degrees out. Perfect for hanging Christmas lights. 
46. Mom hates the laugh track in sitcoms. 
47. jody was 47 when she became a grandma
48. Mom is a great listener!
49. The Jody thinks all babies should wear undershirts and socks. 
50. Onions hate jody and she hates onions. 
51. She loves Anne of Green Gables.
52.  She never sings to the radio. NEVER. 
53. Jody loves to play a game of Marbles.
54. The Jody loves Collections. She thinks every child should collect something. 
55. She collects Santas at Christmas time. 
56. My mom always has a bag of M&M's in the house. 
57.  the Jody loves peanut butter cookies. But they need to be soft. 
58. Exercise has always been important. When we were little she got up super early to get her run it before the chaos of the day set in. 
59 . Mom has always had a testimony. She has shown us through her dedication to her church callings, her support of our Dad as the Bishop, her thoughtful prayers and her scriptures study. 
60. Mom is an amazing Mother. She is kind, thoughtful and generous. We love you!

thanks Ash putting this all together

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