Monday, December 5, 2011

ok Christmas can come now

I know it is only the 5th of December but I am ready for ChristmasI love the feeling of Christmas the very most

the tree is up
the stockings are hung and the gifts are wrapped
the Christmas quilts are on the beds
the nativities are perfectly placedall the decorations are up

So family come on!


{natalie} said...

it all looks fantastic. i love your house at Christmas time. one day I will have Christmas quilts for all the beds like you. see you in 18 days or so!

Ashley said...

I love it all. It looks to good mom.The only
i didn't see was the green on the stairails, with the big bulb lights. My favorite!!!

The Doctor said...

Beautiful!! Absolutely beautiful!!

Joan said...

You are the only one I know who decorates almost as much as I do. It looks lovely and I must say I envy the quilts. Merry Christmas Jody!!