Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One GREAT Christmas

Look who we caught in our living roomSanta was very good to Ethan, Peyton, Drew and Alex
Crewe was so happy with his video game
E loved his new shoes
Drew loves Legos
Dayne was so happy with the puppy
Kade was one happy skate board boy
Alex loves lacrosse shorts and looks so cool
Addison loved her ipod as well as the tooth fairy pillow

Pretty Christmas girls
Off to church with the Grandkids
Sad Uncle Rich that Ethan has passed him up
Grandpa learning to fly from the master
Ethan being so sweet playing on the computer with the girls
50 dregree Christmas afternoon football
Kade, Peyton and Drew having a little Skateboard fun

Addison and Dayne having a trip to Cut Loose for nails,
shampoo and trim
Birthday pinata filled with $1.00 was a fun surprise

Kade and Crewe taking a book break
I love that they love to read.

It was a wonderful Christmas with lots of fun family togetherness.
It has been 2 years since all 16 of us have been together.
Life is good.
Our family is wonderful.
I love them all.
I am the happiest Grandma having all the 8 grandbabies here.

thanks for coming kids
come back soon

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