Sunday, January 15, 2012

Great Friends

Friday the 13th wasn't my birthday. 
My girl friends had invited me to lunch to celebrate my birthday from December 26th.  I told only my friend Kim that I was going to be old this year.  I'm not sure she told my other girl friends but she planned a day full of surprises for me.  
*  When we went out at 6:30 am to walk our dogs we had been "heart attacked," with a "Happy Birthday" sign.  Pretty cute huh?
* About 8 AM my friend Sarah dropped off 2 giant cinnamon rolls with a little sign that said "Happy Birthday- we love you- from your friends"
* At 10 my friend Teresa showed up with a bouquet of balloons.
* Noon Delicious lunch at "Julianos" with Kim, Julie, Sarah, Teresa, and Courtney.  They brought me wonderful cute fabric for a quilt and a table runner from my favorite fabric store.
*  Tulips from Julie
* Caramel chocolate apple from Jeannie
*  Celebration not over yet-  That evening Kim was throwing a birthday party, at the Church  for her son Aaron who was turning 16 and we went over for cake.  When we walked in all the kids about 30 of them sang Happy Birthday to me.  
Wow what a day! 
What great friends I have. 
Thank You 
You girls are the Best!



{natalie} said...

what an awesome day. glad you felt the love. you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

she has great friends.