Sunday, January 22, 2012


Today Dane was released of being the Bishop of the Alkali Creek Ward.  It was bitter sweet.  He has loved this calling.  It has been the fasted 5 years of our lives.  As we walked this morning we recalled taking this same walk and Dane saying "are they really going to call me to be the Bishop?"  and now he has completed this assignment.  

It has been a wonderful calling for both of us.  We have been so impressed with the reverence that our ward members have had for the office of Bishop. 
 We are grateful for all of their support as well as the support that our family have has given him. Thank you!
We are grateful for the prayers that have been offered in his behalf.
Thank you!
Dane has loved the kids.  He loved going to Girls Camp and getting to be part of the Trec.  He loves basketball and one of his last calling he called himself to be the boys basketball coach, I think so he can be with the boys.

  I know that some of his last thought of the day were for our Ward members as he had a great concern and love for all of them.  We have enjoyed getting to visit all of the new people as they move into our ward. 

Dane doesn't really complain and I think I only heard one complaint from him and that was about a Saturday meeting, once.  The only thing that I think he didn't like about his calling was saying good bye to dear friends at funerals.  He has loved this calling and the Ward members. 

Thanks Darlin for the great job.  

ps you will be fine

FaceBook post
5 years and done. Dane was released today as Bishop. Good job Darlin.

    • Mari Aldinger Fritz I bet he wears a very brightly colored shirt to church next week!!! Thanks Dane for all your service, dedication and good work. We'll miss you!
      January 22 at 7:36pm ·
    • Cortnee N Steve Gertsch Sad day:(. He really is the BEST Bishop and has the coolest wife ever.... You two are simply the BEST!!!
      January 22 at 7:39pm · 
    • Rebecca Hall Despain I bet you are glad to have him back!
      January 22 at 7:39pm · 
    • Erin Bennion Amato So what is Dane going to do with all of his new-found free time?
      January 22 at 7:44pm · 
    • Annmaree Coombs Chaffin so exciting, i am so happy for you guys!!
      January 22 at 7:59pm · 
    • Colett Ostler Yarro I showed my dad this picture and he said he could tell that you have been released because your halo is gone.
      January 22 at 8:13pm ·
    • Kaycee Maureen McKee Who was put in as the new one?
      January 22 at 8:28pm · 
    • Daniel Thomas Sacrament Meeting will never be funny again :(
      January 22 at 8:58pm · ·
    • Paul Havig Seriously, is that a lavender tie? I wish we could have stayed in Billings if nothing else to be witnesses to Dane's tenure as bishop. Now you can come and go to Rocky Point with us.
      January 22 at 9:02pm · ·
    • Laura Lyman Debenham Spencer's favorite bishop ever!
      January 22 at 10:11pm ·
    • Anita Lee Allred Rawlinson Congrats, Jody & Dane! Enjoy some well-deserved time together!!!
      January 22 at 10:43pm ·
    • Daniel Thomas You did a great job bishop!
      January 22 at 11:17pm ·
    • Eva Davis Thanks for taking such great care of my mom, especially after my dad passed. You two are an amazing team.
      January 22 at 11:32pm · 
    • Jody Chisum Schofield Thanks for all your kind remarks. It was a great experience for us both. I think Dane will miss being with the kids the most. Maybe because he is a kid at heart. Thanks for loving him
      January 22 at 11:40pm · 
    • Diane Titensor I was so glad that he was our bishop while there. I needed a good laugh every once in awhile and he always seemed to fill that niche!! The transition isn't always smooth sailin" so plan a trip somewhere and take the edge off:)) Thanks for all the help while we were in Billings, even this last go round. Boy you never know when you'll need a notary:)
      January 23 at 5:54am · 
    • Sarah Cannon Roe He was the best and his sense of humor from the pulpit will be missed GREATLY! Thanks for all the time and service you both gave to the ward! We love you guys!
      January 23 at 6:25am · ·
    • Cindy Mayes Ellis I was sitting in the foyer listening and both of your testimonies were very you are onto another adventure! Like sitting together in Sacrament
      January 23 at 8:28am
    • Willie Rahlf The World will never be the same.
      January 23 at 8:29am ·
    • Rosalie Hein Thank you for all the service the two of you have done the past 5 years.
      January 23 at 12:30pm · 
    • Keith Christie Now maybe Jody's turn to be Bishop?
      January 23 at 1:09pm ·
    • Myrna Smith Hammer Way to go, Schofields! You both did a great job! Now to find out who the new bishopric is. I haven't heard a peep!
      January 23 at 4:05pm · 
    • Paige Vincent Chesnut I feel jipped (sp?) that we moved in so near the end of his time. I wish we could have enjoyed it longer ;-)
      January 23 at 5:54pm · 

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great job Dane. we love you.