Friday, January 27, 2012

So Whats UP?

 Well, this week has gone really fast, which is a good thing.   
My favorite Bishop was released and he has been super busy preparing for a trial that start next Wednesday.  He was in court 3 mornings this week and had to leave  way early and then work late.  I guess it is a good thing so he wouldn't be missing the Bishop job.

For my big birthday I wanted a family picture. I think it turned out great and I finally got it ordered this week. Look at the cute Schofield family. I am super happy with the picture and I think Cetrone Studio did a great job.  We were done from start to finish in 27 minutes.

Sunday the 22nd was Grandpa's 87th birthday.

Happy Birthday Percy!

Dawn and Wimp flew up from AZ just in time for a ham birthday dinner.  

Christmas time Aaron had his remote helicopters here and Gpa was having fun flying them so we got him his very own for the big day.

Way back in October I ordered these beautiful comfortable red leather chairs from Crate and Barrel, which just arrived.  Just 2 weeks ago I ordered this awesome table and it is finally all put together.                                         I love it and the table can be huge.
 Ash introduced me to homemade color crayons. 
I think they turned out darling
now I am all set for Valentines Day for my Primary class, which I love.
This is some of the fabric that my friends gave me for my birthday. 
I have been working on a table runner.
cool huh? thanks friends
 Pile of 2 1/2" by 45 DARLING "Hoot" by Mo Mo jelly roll. 
I am excited to get back to it,
maybe next weeks update will 
have the finished project.

Bad dog Stella ate my new Bose ear buds.  I showed her I didn't talk to her for a whole day and night but wanted to kick her butt.
I bought Dane his own ipad so he can have all the latest church apps for Sunday,
 (keep him entertained) and because he is cute.
I am working on my last years blog book
It keeps crashing  grrrr
At this rate it is going to take me all year do the edits

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{natalie} said...

1. the table and chairs look awesome
2. cool crayon valentines
3. i'm excited to see your quilt. i am looking into 2 ladies who do quilting in springville so i can finish mine and bind it.
4. bad dog stella.