Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 2 While the parents are in Paris

We started our day off with a trip in the family wagon
 to our favorite Harper and Madison

Dayne took this picture because she thought it was a funny bike rack
Picture by Dayne which is very cool
Delicious caramel roll number 2
We went to Pioneer Park to actually watch our friend and summer tennis teacher Aaron play number 1 doubles for Skyview High School

We watched them win and we played too
Caramel rolls, park in pj's, another trip to Target, clean up, lunch then the Shrine Circus
Circus boy with a light saber to help light it up
Pony rides for the little Darlin sorry the circus pictures are mostly out of focus as I forgot my real camera
One of our favorites HIGH jumping dogs
Dayne even got to ride an Elephant the Elephants dancing was a favorite
fire jumping tigers
Swinging ladies and more   We all loved the Circus!  Another of our favorites was this lady that would wrap up in fabric and after 3 seconds she would unwrap in a different dress we were impressed!  So tomorrow we are off to Mexico;)


{natalie} said...

looks like a fun day. i wish i were there for breakfast at harper and madison.

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