Sunday, March 18, 2012

Out of Mouth of Babes

Posts aren't very interesting without a picture so I thought I would include this cute picture even though it has nothing to do with the post
A few weeks ago we had Stake Conference and the theme was Charity.  Great talks, and great ideas.  My friend Kim said what she wanted to remember of Conference was this story:
 Danes counselor Anthony Dye's little 3 year old Emma, saw Dane and turned to her Mom and said "there is the Prophet."  Ha  Just like that he was promoted.

Today my friend Sandee told me that when her grandson came down ready for church his hair was all spiked up.  She said "hey your hair is like Bishop Schofields"  his reply was "no his is a mess."

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{natalie} said...

those are both pretty funny. i like the second comments though i think his hair is cool and not a mess.