Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Egg Head

HA HA HA This picture makes me laugh each time I see it.  Stella the Easter dog wants to eat that Easter bunny or  the person that put these bunny ears on her.  We had a delightful Easter and so fun to have family here.
Bunny children
Easter Children Dayne and Crewe Palmer  It was so fun to have them for the week while Ashley and Rich went to Paris.  Dayne would tell all that here parents were in Paris.  I'm pretty sure the kids didn't miss them.  We had fun in Billings then took them to Mexico, never told them no, feed them candy...we are fun grandparents:)
Easter dog Finnley that refused to wear the ears, he wanted to eat them.

Ash and Rich once again loved Paris and also went to Geneva Swizerland.  The report on Geneva is that everything is very expensive!  They went to the movie "Hunger Games" at a small theater and paid $25.00 each!  Had a McDonalds pop and small fries for $9.00
I love this little girl and her darling dress, she says the funniest things and has the cutest expressions, so much personality.

This is what a 40 year old Richard looks like We got a delicious Joanie Swords cake from Harper and Madison, balloons, they sang to him at the Road House and that evening we got a babysitter and went to Cio Mambo . (So this is the second time I have posted this, hope it sticks this time and we are off to Mexico for spring break with all of the other darling grand-kids.)


ashley said...

thanks for having us here! we've all had the best time. hoppy easter!

{natalie} said...

super cute kids. everyone loves tiger and grandma!