Friday, April 6, 2012

Ola Mexico

First stop was lunch on the street with Aunt Dawn in Mexico
We love it up on the patio where we can see way out to the water

lots of shrimp boats

This is Louie the beach Mexican dog.  He wants to be a Matthews dog.  They feed him and are trying to get him a collar and tutored.  He comes buy often and the Matthews girl dogs like him.
The kids loved ALL the dogs, even the Mexican dogs, they are cute.
Louies dad likes to be petted so Dane petted him, but Louie is a silly pup and wants to bite play.
Our annual Mexico picture plus Gigit the new Matthews dog.

When we got ready to drive back to Arizona Molly was going to make sure she was going also, but she wasn't.  It was pretty funny.  We would get her out of the front seat and she would jump in the back, out one door and in another.  Uncle Wimp had to take her on a rhino ride so she would be happy.
Happy happy Mexican kids

Dayne won Uncle Wimp over and he supplied her with her own tiny bottle of diet coke.          don't tell  the mom
Aunt Dawn, baby Kal and Dayne
Dayne was really worried about standing this close to the scarey tree
Our plane was delayed for 2 hours coming aback to Billings and CP finished off his 3rd book.  He loves to read just like his Mother.  Dayne took this picture of Tiger sleeping and then borrowed Kals binkey, a good blackmail picture.

 Ashley and Rich come back this evening from a wonderful trip to Paris and Geneva. We have had a great week with Crewe and Dayne and not sure they missed their parents which was a good thing.  So next week we will head back to Mexico for spring break with Aaron, Dr. Nat, Ethan, Alex, Drew, Peyton.  Ethan, Natalie, Kade and Addison.  It will be fun                                            Oh I wanted to remember this;  Dayne took Tiger on an "Adventure"  She took him next door to the empty lot leading him around.  They came to the wall that separates the two properties.  They discussed how they would get back.  She had Tiger jump down and then lift her down.  As he was lifting her down her reply was "I'm a genus."

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