Monday, April 16, 2012

Take 2 on Mexico Spring break 2

Ethan, Nat and kids headed to Mexico earlier so Tiger and I did the 4 hour drive with Aaron the Dr. and the kids to...
Hotel for Dogs Molly the doberman,Sassy the sheepdog, Louie the Mexican, Lexi the poodle and Gigit the wiener

Louie the Mexican now has a collar, an ear petter and soon a fun car ride to the vet and he is hoping a new name Louie Matthews :)

the Nats on the beach

Kade is a water dog

Drew, Alex and Peyton loved playing in the water when it was way way out

My boy the Handsome Mexican

The kids all stayed in a condo overlooking the other side of the bay
Cute Alex showing us the beautiful pools and  the un crowded beach

The rhinos were a huge hit.  Tiger let Ethan drive while Peyton and Addi were brave passengers
Aaron and Nat and Drew and Addi headed to "competition hill"

Where are their parents?  I'm pretty sure Alex doesn't have a licenses.  Kade and Peyton were very brave.

Ethan and Natalie had lots of passengers

Love the bling on Drew, Peyton, Alex, Ethan and Kade  Mexico was very fun!   more pictures to come

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