Friday, June 1, 2012

And Bobs your Uncle

We are loving the new appliances! The stove is a convection oven, although we haven't tried it out yet.  The bottom drawer is a warming oven but for us it is a place to hide the pans. The dishwasher and trash compactor got a little appliance paint to kind of match. 

 The new stove doesn't come with a plug, it is extra and since I used the plug from the old stove I had to unscrew the old one and install it on the new stove and plug it into the wall.  Safety reasons the installers tell me.  hmmmm

We love the refrigerator with a freezer drawer.   The refrigerator seems huge and it is slightly larger than the old one.  Uncle Wimp had to loosen the cabinet while the fridge was shoved under the cabinets.  The installers wanted me to call a builder to shave off the bottom of the cabinets.   They brought the stove and refrigerator in and took the old ones out, hooked up the water to the refrigerator and this took them 3 hours.

The new faucet, just got installed today by a small man that could fit under the sink.
Since I love the bar stools I decided to have them painted.
The total look which I am loving.  Thanks Darlin!


Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Beautiful! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I had just learned how to use the white ones!!